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Wyndham Lewis
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wyndham Lewis: Volcanic Heaven
“the most fascinating personality of our time...
the most distinguished living novelist” — T. S. Eliot
“the only English writer, who can be compared to
Dostoevsky” — Ezra Pound
Edited by Paul Edwards:
Volcanic Heaven
Essays on Wyndham Lewis’s
Painting & Writing
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“An explosive force” is what Lewis required the artist to be. In his 1937 autobiography Blasting and Bombardiering he recalled the shock-waves stirred by the impact of BLAST upon an unsuspecting culture: But a bomb explodes only once, while a volcano keeps on erupting over and over. In his late years, someone termed Lewis “a lonely old volcano,” in reference to the staying power of his necessarily isolating artistic gift in his books and paintings, for violently ejecting various sorts of heated matter.

The poet Yeats attributed Lewis’s explosiveness to the effects of “a soul caught in an antithesis, an alternation he cannot control.” The antithetical collisions of mechanized war and ordered civilization, for example, or of writing and painting, produce the driving energy of Lewis’s work.

These and other creative antitheses are here analyzed and explained in a generously illustrated volume featuring ten original essays that place Lewis as writer, painter and thinker in up-to-the-moment critical perspective.

This collection of essays by various hands, Lewis specialists from around the world, is assembled by British scholar Paul Edwards, editor of Time and Western Man and author of Wyndham Lewis Painter and Writer. He contributes an article as well in this volume, “Lewis’s Myth of the Artist: From Bohemia to the Underground.”

196 pages, Paperback, 6'' x 9'' (150 x 230 mm)
8 color, 17 b/w illustrations, English
ISBN-13: 978-0-87685-010-9  
ISBN-10: 0-87685-010-7      $ 17.50
About the Editor:
Paul Edwards was born in Colchester, England, in 1950. He attended Cambridge University, and later studied the work of Wyndham Lewis at the universities of Birmingham and London. He has been the editor of Enemy News, the Journal of the Wyndham Lewis Society.
Mr. Edwards lives in Cambridge, England. He is a senior lecturer in Eng­lish at Bath Spa University College.
Book design by Barbara Martin
About the Author:
Percy Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957)
Percy Wyndham Lewis
(1882-1957) was a novelist, painter, es­say­ist, poet, critic, polemicist and one of the truly dynamic forces in literature and art in the twentieth century. He was the founder of Vorticism, the only original movement in 20th century English painting.
He is the author of Tarr (1918), The Lion and the Fox (1927), Time and Western Man (1927, 1993), The Apes of God (1930), The Revenge for Love (1937), and Self Condemned (1954).
Wyndham Lewis was ranked highly by his important contemporaries.
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