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Wyndham Lewis: Blast 1 FACSIMILE REPRINT
Wyndham Lewis:
New introduction by Paul Edwards
Facsimile edition edited by Wyndham Lewis
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“. . . the Vortex of Lewis: sun, energy, sombre emotion,
clean-drawing, disgust, penetrating analysis . . . ”       — T. S. Eliot
In December 1913, Ezra Pound wrote to William Carlos Williams calling the London art/literary scene “The Vortex.” Wyndham Lewis in turn appropriated the term to christen his budding movement in the arts, “Vorticism.” Vorticism was baptized on June 20, 1914 in the first issue of BLAST, A Review of the Great English Vortex — Lewis’s revolutionary magazine.
Wyndham Lewis: BLAST 1 - BLESS the HAIRDRESSER Wyndham Lewis: BLAST 1 - BLAST HUMOR
BLAST is now considered one of this century’s examples of modernist expression and typography, both historically indispensable and a milestone in modern thought. To the artistic audience of its time, the first issue of BLAST came as a brutal shock (Lewis’s plan was to create a “battering ram),” a quality that has been preserved in this first facsimile edition.

Described by Lewis as “violent pink,” but by some others as the “puce monster,” the large format magazine displays radical typography and design, features a "Vorticist Manifesto," and bares eye-popping lists of items to be “Blessed” and “Blasted.”

This new edition of BLAST documents in its original format the raw energy, violent humor, and graphic inventiveness.

168 pages, Paperback, 9'' x 12'' (230 x 305 mm)
33 b/w llustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-342-8  $ 24.95
About the Editor:
Paul Edwards was born in Colchester, England, in 1950. He attended Cambridge University, and later studied the work of Wyndham Lewis at the universities of Birming­ham and London. He has been the editor of Enemy News, the Journal of the Wyndham Lewis Society.
Mr. Edwards lives in Cambridge, Eng­land. He is a senior lecturer in Eng­lish at Bath Spa University College.
Book design by Barbara Martin
About the Author:
Percy Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957)
Percy Wyndham Lewis
(1882-1957) was a novelist, painter, es­say­ist, poet, critic, polemicist and one of the truly dynamic forces in literature and art in the Twentieth century. He was the founder of Vorticism, the only original movement in Twentieth century English painting.
He is the author of Tarr (1918), The Lion and the Fox (1927), Time and Western Man (1927, 1993), The Apes of God (1930), The Revenge for Love (1937), and Self Condemned (1954).
Wyndham Lewis was ranked highly by his important contemporaries:
the most fascinating personality of our time... the most dis­tin­guished living novelist” 
— T. S. Eliot
“the only English writer, who can be compared to Dostoevsky”
— Ezra Pound
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