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Lottman: Albert Camus in New York
Herbert R. Lottman:
Albert Camus in
New York
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“If it had not actually taken place I should have been tempted, when writing a biography of Albert Camus, to invent his visit to my birthplace city” says Lottman in his foreword to Albert Camus in New York, specially published to introduce the monumental biography.

Lottman continues: “The timing of the actual event — for it did happen — is touched with irony. By then Camus was a hero in Paris, a still young and brilliant author of eminently readable yet challenging works, perhaps more widely known as editor-in-chief of Combat, a daily newspaper born of the wartime Resistance. Now, as frontpage editorialist of a paper and a movement pledged to change France, Albert Camus was seen as a moral guide for the postwar.

He was also a very likeable hero, looking even younger than his years, dapper in his Humphrey Bogart raincoat (looking very much a Bogart clone, and enjoying the notion when told so). He might be spotted in the literary heart of the Left Bank, at one or another sidewalk cafe of Place Saint Germain des Prés, late evenings at a cabaret or jazz cellar. The popular press knew a good story when it saw one. The very fact that Camus had been born and grew up in far-off French Algeria, then had spent his first French years in a remote province, made his sudden appearance among the literary warhorses of the French capital more magical still.

Yet — this is the irony — he was all but unknown on foreign shores — our shores for example. ‘The Stranger,’ his first influential novel, was to be published only during his American visit. University specialists knew something about him, and some were already great admirers, as were a handful of Francophile journalists. Still, his relative obscurity, and his total accessibility, added intensity to his brief stay — for Camus as well as for some fortunate enough to meet him then, and for us as we reach back to the past to recreate those days.”

60 pages, Paperback, 4 3/4'' x 6 1/2'' (165 x 120 mm), English
ISBN-13: 978-3-927258-40-2  
ISBN-10: 3-927258-40-7      $ 4.95
About the Author:
Herbert R. Lottman
Herbert R. Lottman
New Yorker by birth, Herbert Lottman first went to France as a Fulbright scholar (at the time he recognized Albert Camus sitting at a sidewalk cafe, the Flore at Saint Germain-des-Près, but was too shy to approach him). Returning to France to settle there, Lottman ran the European office of an American publisher, con­trib­ut­ing articles and reviews to American pe­riod­icals including Harper's, Saturday Review, the New York Times and the New York Times Book Review. Later, he joined the staff of Publishers Weekly, the Amer­ic­an book trade journal, as international correspondent.
In a second career Lottman wrote this first and still the definitive biography of Albert Camus, as well as biographies of other famous (but famously undoc­u­mented) French figures ranging from Flaubert and Colette to Philippe Pétain and the Roth­schilds. He is also the author of The Left Bank: Writers, Artists and Politics from the Popular Front to the Cold War and The Fall of Paris: June 1940.
The French Cultural Ministry re­cently promoted Herbert Lottman to the rank of Officer in the National Order of Arts and Letters.
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