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Kirchherr: When We Was Fab GENESIS EDITION
Astrid Kirchherr:
When We Was Fab
Foreword by Olivia Harrison
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This volume is dedicated to the memory of George Harrison and fittingly the foreword is by Olivia Harrison. Each of the 41 images is finely reproduced in tri-tone (two runs of black plus warm grey) and image varnished.
Kirchherr: When We Was Fab (1) Kirchherr: When We Was Fab (2)
This book, which was designed by Astrid, features text printed in gold ink on a rich black background and is the largest format yet produced by Genesis. It is the final limited edition of photography by Astrid Kirchherr and features Eleven large fold-out plates. This edition is strictly limited to 750 copies and the images will never be presented like this again.

Astrid Kirchherr is a world-renowned photographer whose following stretches from Liverpool to Sydney. No other book gives quite the same immediate sense of what it was like to being at dawn of the Beatles revolution.

Limited Edition of 750 full leather copies worldwide.
88 pages, 11 fold-out pages, Hardcover, bound in leather
Large format: 11'' x 15'' (280 x 380 mm)
41 tri-tone illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-0-904351-88-0  $ 845.00
In the pictures, which I have selected, I have tried to capture not only beautiful faces, but also the look behind the faces — the experiences, what they had each been through. When I took most of the pictures, The Beatles weren’t famous at all. They were just young boys with great talent, wonderful humour and intelligence. What amazed me was, that behind all the outfits and rock and roll behaviour, they were very sensible, sensitive young men looking for something new in life, which was exactly what I was doing then in the Sixties. We were so confused straight after the war and we were searching for ways to exist and to accept everything that had happened. I hope that is what you can see when you look at my pictures.”
— Astrid Kirchherr
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