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Man Ray: Photography and Its Double
Emanuelle de L'Ecotais & Alain Sayag:
Man Ray
Photography and Its Double
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Man Ray (1890-1976), was one of the co-founders of New York Dada. When he arrived in Paris in the 1920s he was already friends with Duchamp and many Parisian Surrealists, who welcomed him with great enthusiasm. He is unquestionably recognized as the most original photographer of our century.
Man Ray: Photography and Its Double(3) Man Ray: Photography and Its Double(2)
Man Ray: Photography and Its Double(1) Man Ray: Photography and Its Double(4)
With his photographs, Rayographs, solarizations, and various experimentation with Surrealist doctrines in the darkroom, his photographic contribution to art and especially surrealism is matchless. Thanks to his famous portraits of contemporaries — artists, writers and celebrities — he also became the most notable chronicler of the international Avant-garde movement of the 1920s and 1930s.

This remarkable monograph published to coincide with the historic exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, is entirely dedicated to Man Ray’s photographic oeuvre. The Centre Pompidou is the recipient of the Man Ray archives — some 13,000 negatives and 5,000 prints — which reveal for the very first time never before published photographs (a great amount consisting of erotic compositions). One-third of these photographs have never been seen. Not only the finished photos, but also the process — crops, background manipulation and other methods.

The book with its new images presents for the very first time a true picture of the artist, and a vital addition to the many publications about Man Ray that appeared throughout this century, many of which are long out of print. This monograph is a must for Man Ray experts, for those interested in photography, and a wonderful introduction to students and others not yet sufficiently familiar with Man Ray’s work.

264 pages, Hardcover, 9 3/4'' x 12 1/4'' (248 x 310 mm)
320 b/w illustrations, English
ISBN-13: 978-3-927258-66-2  
ISBN-10: 3-927258-66-0 $ 65.00
About the Artist:
Man Ray (1890–1976)
American Dada and Surrealist artist. He produced his first significant photographs in 1918.

With his friend Marcel Duchamp he founded the American Dada move­ment in New York, as well as a group of modern artists, called 'Others.' After the unsuccessful publication of a unique issue of New York Dada in 1920, Man Ray stated, "Dada cannot live in New York", and in 1921 he moved to Paris to live in Mont­parnas­se the next 20 years.

In 1925, his work was shown at the first Surrealist exhibition (Galerie Pierre, Paris) — together with Jean Arp, Max Ernst, André Masson, Joan Miró, and Pablo Picasso.

Man Ray invented the photographic tech­nique of solarization together with Surrealist photographer Lee Miller, who was his photography assistant and lover at the time, creating a technique using photograms, which he called rayographs.

He also directed a number influential avant-garde short films, such as Le retour à la raison (3 mins, 1923); Emak-Bakia (18 mins, 1926); L'étoile de mer (21 mins, 1928); and Les mystères du chateau du de dé (27 mins, 1929), all of which are silent.

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