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Live at the Masque
Brendan Mullen
with Roger Gastman, and Kristine Mckenna:
Live at The Masque
Nightmare in Punk Alley
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‘The Masque’ was Brendan Mullen’s grimy basement club in late 70’s Los Angeles where West Coast punk first coalesced.

A haven for “weirdos, nerds, borderline sociopaths and assorted misfits with attitude problems” and home to bands, as The Germs, X, The Weirdos, The Bags, The Plugz and so many more, who managed, in the two short years ‘The Masque’ was open, to make history.

Live at the Masque(1) Live at the Masque(2)
The book is filled with classic photos and ephemera by Jenny Lens, Alain Saint Croix, Michael Yamplosky, Al Flipside and many others, showcasing the influential fashion of an era with no rules. This massive volume features large scale photographs throughout, many of which have never been seen before.

Live at the Masque – Nightmare in Punk Alley is an impressive document of the most notorious punk scene ever. Text by Brendan Mullen and Kristine McKenna.

336 pages, Hardcover, 9 1/4'' x 12'' (235 x 305 mm)
300 illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-290-2  $ 45.00
About the Author:
Brendan Mullen
Brendan Mullen
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