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Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts NEW TITLE
Gu Zheng:
Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts
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The most comprehensive, impactful collection of photography in China to date, Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts is a vibrantly printed, oversized coffee table book featuring fifty of the most renowned Chinese photographers currently working in a variety of genres.
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Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts (1) Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts (2)
Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts (7) Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts (5)
Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts (6) Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts (3)
Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts (4) Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts (8)
From documentary photography to conceptual tableaus, from medium format portraits to digitally manipulated dream scenes, from black and white to enhanced color, the works in this volume are designed to provoke and impress.

An introductory segment analyzes political, economic, historic, and artistic influences in China, which segues into intensely creative work organized by theme: “Urbanization and Globalization,” “Power, Space and Memory,” “Gender, Body, and Identity,” “Dialogues with Tradition,” “Borderlands and the Marginal,” and “Practices of Looking.” The third section of the book summarizes key happenings in the development of Chinese photography, including influential exhibitions, auctions, and events.

The pieces presented are unified by the masterful technique of the photographers and, collected together, serve as a multifaceted view into the culture, identity, ideas, and spatial and political concepts of one of the world’s most influential nations.

312 pages, Hardcover, 11 1/4'' x 11 1/4'' (298 x 298 mm)
300 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-0-9562880-6-6  $ 75.00
Contributors from A–Z:
Bird Head
Cai Weidong
Cao Fei
Dai Xiang
Dong Wensheng
Feng Yan
Hai Bo
Han Lei
He Wei
Hong Hao
Hong Lei
Jiang Jian
Jiang Zhi
Jin Jiangbo
Li Jiejun
Li Lang
Li Qianjin
Li Tianyuan
Liu Lihong
Liu Lijie
Liu Yiqing
Liu Zheng
Lu Yuanmin
Luo Yongjin
Lv Nan
Miao Jiaxin
Miao Xiaochun
Mo Yi
Mu Chen
Qi Hong
Qu Yan
Rong Rong,
Shao Yinong
Shi Yong
Wang Chuan
Wang Jinsong
Wang Ningde
Wang Qingsong
Wang Yaodong
Weng Fen
Xiao Quan
Xing Danwen
Xu Yong
Yan Ming
Yang Changhong
Yang Yankang
Yang Yi
Yang Yong Liang
Yao Lu
Zeng Han
Zeng Li
Zhang Dali
Zhang Haier
Zhang Lijie
Zhang Xiao
Zhang Xinmin
Zhou Hai
Zhu Hao
Zhuang Hui
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