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Backyard Shakedown
Austin McManus:
Backyard Shakedown
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Some of the most active and exciting contemporary photographers are documented in this latest offering from Upper Playground. Extending the street art photography genre towards music, skate culture and other highly personal styles, this extremely collectible volume serves as a great cross-section view of relevant image making today.
Backyard Shakedown(1) Backyard Shakedown(2)
Staggering, stark and sensual, the work in this volume expertly explores the mundane and the magnificent in the everyday.

The ninety six page hardcover book compiled by Austin McManus features work from over 40 highly regarded photographers including Boogie, Ricky Powell, Maya Hayuk, Andy Mueller, Peter Beste, Chuey, Jason Fulford, Cheryl Dunn, Kento Mori, Norma Cordova, Yuri Shibuya, Thomas Campbell, Ricky Adam, David Choe, Sue Kwon, Pverts Crew and Michael Schmelling.

The great variety of photographic formats and fresh approach to design rounds off this collection’s standing as a pertinent snapshot of con-temporary photography.

96 pages, Hardcover, 6 1/4'' x 8 1/2'' (158 x 215 mm)
226 color and b/w illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-0-9778854-8-0 $ 19.95
Contributors from A–Z:
Amanda Lopez
Andrew Paynter
Andy Mueller
Angela Boatwright
Austin McManus
Benjamin Belsky
Bob Kronbauer
Brian Stevens
Cheryl Dunn
Corey Arnold
David Choe
David Uzzardi
Dustin Aksland
Dylan Maddux
Estevan Oriol
Heidi Johanson
Jason Fulford
Judy Morris
Keith Sirchio
Ken Goto
Kento Mori
Massan Fluker
Mathew Scott
Maxim Ryazansky
Maya Hayuk
Michael Schmelling
Mike Brodie
Nathan Perkel
Norma Cordova
Peter Beste
Peter Richards
Peter Sutherland
Pverts Crew
Ricky Adam
Ricky Powell
Robert Yager
Ross Farrar
Silver Warner
Sue Kwon
Thomas Campbell
Tod Seelie
Yuri Shibuyai
About the Author:
Austin McManus
Austin McManus is the man behind the San Francisco ‘zine company The Flop Box
Interview with Austin McManus
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