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Suggestivism: A Contemporary Survey of Contemporary Artists NEW TITLE
Nathan Spoor:
A Comprehensive Survey of
Contemporary Artists
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Suggestivism is the companion catalogue to a vibrantly fresh exhibition presented by Cal State University’s Grand Central Art Center from February to April 2011. The exhibit coins this new art term to refer to a genre of artwork encompassing the rising stars of the contemporary art world.
Suggestivism: A Contemporary Survey of Contemporary Artists (1) Suggestivism: A Contemporary Survey of Contemporary Artists (2)
Suggestivism: A Contemporary Survey of Contemporary Artists (3) Suggestivism: A Contemporary Survey of Contemporary Artists (4)
Suggestivism: A Contemporary Survey of Contemporary Artists (5) Suggestivism: A Contemporary Survey of Contemporary Artists (6) Suggestivism: A Contemporary Survey of Contemporary Artists (7)
“Suggestivism” is the embodiment of each artist’s individual intent in his or her own art pieces, created with a unique sense of purpose, amplified understanding, and sensitivity to outside visual stimuli.

Drawing from interior and exterior influences, the artists featured work in a variety of different mediums to present vivid scenes that leave narrative to the imagination and meaning open to interpretation. Often intricate and evocative of the richness and languid decadence of historical tableaus, the artwork in Suggestivism contains elements of world-weariness, isolation, and a sense of the absurd.

Suggestivism features more than fifty artists, including the likes of Chris Mars, Brendan Monroe, Alex Gross, Mia, Audrey Kawasaki, Michael Page, MARS-1, Dalek, Jeff Soto, Ron English, Elizabeth McGrath, Tara McPherson, Scott Musgrove, Greg Simkins, Skinner, and Robin Williams.

Includes studio shots and artist interviews conducted during the two years of exhibition curation.

240 pages, Hardcover, 9'' x 12'' (229 x 305 mm)
275 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-447-0  $ 34.95
Contributors from A–Z:
Alex Gross
Andy Kehoe
Audrey Kawasaki
Bob Dob
Bob Schneider
Brendan Monroe
Carrie Ann Baade
Chandler Wood
Chet Zar
Chris Mars
Chris Ryniak
CR Stecyk III
Dalek James Marshall
Dan May
Darren LeGallo
Dave Cooper
David Molesky
Elizabeth McGrath
Eric White
Esao Andrews
Femke Hiemstra
Francesco LoCastro
Greg Simkins
Gregory Jacobsen
Heidi Taillefer
James Roper
Jason Maloney
Jeff McMillan
Jeff Soto
Joe Vaux
Kevin Peterson
Kris Kuksi
Kris Lewis
Mars-1/Mario Martinez.
Martin Wittfooth
Michael Brown
Michael Page
Naoto Hattori
Nathan Ota
Nathan Spoor
Nicola Verlato
Nicoletta Ceccoli
Oliver Vernon
Robert Hardgrave
Robin Williams
Ron English
Sandow Birk
Scott Musgrove
Tara McPherson
Thomas Doyle
Todd Schorr
See also:

Discrepancies: Alex Gross
Discrepancies: Alex Gross
Gross’s highly involved, figurative oil paintings defy categorization: his unusual hybrids, for all their dreamlike mystery, powerfully convey universal themes such as Love and Despair, Globalization and Consumerism, Com­munication and the lack of it. more...

Nuclear Mystic NEW
Nuclear Mystic
Mars-1 has a stunning talent and style that leaves much to the imagination. A mixture of the organic, the paranormal sci-fi, his graffiti roots, and the cosmic psychedelic, his artwork resonates as a purely original style composed of abstract forms. more...

Brendan Monroe
Brendan Monroe
Monroe’s free flowing brush strokes and muted color palette lends itself to greater exploration as the work simultaneously calms and invites. “My fascination is with a smaller world. Maybe it could tell us [all] about something deep inside ourselves, or, maybe it just helps me work things out within my own self.” more...

Further documents and presents the symbiotic relationship between seven artists and friends who share a visual dialogue: MARS-1, NoMe Edonna, Oliver Vernon, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Damon Soule, David Choong Lee, and Robert Hardgrave. more...
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