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Kit Williams: Engines of Ingenuity
Kit Williams:
Kit Williams
Engines of Ingenuity
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New from world famous artist, Kit Williams, Engines of Ingenuity is a movable feast of superb craftsmanship, intricate painting and enigmatic symbolism. Williams challenges the reader with several questions, one of which is: What drives the creative genius of invention and how many big ideas have foundered on small intangibilities?
Kit Williams: Engines of Ingenuity(2)
Kit Williams: Engines of Ingenuity(1)
Engines of Ingenuity is an intellectual and visual journey of discovery that takes us briefly into the worlds of Daedalus, da Vinci and Newton, all of which are places contrived to entangle a man’s sensibilities. "Metaphysics! Quantum physics! Take your pick! See the Natural Laws turned upside down and stood upon their heads." All the objects featured in this book were made by Kit Williams, and all reflect his totally inimitable style.

Engines of Ingenuity is a fitting successor to his previous publications which include the international bestseller, Masquerade.

35 pages, Hardcover, 8'' x 9 3/4'' (250 x 205 mm)
33 color illustrations, English
ISBN-13: 978-1-58423-106-6  
ISBN-10: 0-8989-7685-5       $ 19.95
About the Artist:
Kit Williams
Kit Williams
(born April 28, 1946 in Kent, England) is an English artist, illustrator and author best known for his book Masquerade, a pictorial storybook which contains clues to the location of a golden (18 carat) jewelled hare created by Williams and then buried "somewhere in Britain."
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