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Notes for Those Beginning... (DVD box)
Michael Meredith:
Notes for Those Beginning the Discipline of Architecture
Alternate Ending 1: The Glimmering Noise
Video DVD / NTSC, 93 minutes *
Directed by David Fenster
Actors: David Nordstrom and Michael Meredith
this video
1:21 min

Architecture is a discipline plagued by its own insecurities, a curious mixture of optimism and pessimism, momentary successes and, more commonly, deep frustrations. In this new publication, Michael Meredith, Assistant Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, tackles the problems facing the discipline head-on, interrogating its internal dynamics and searching for a mode of practice that can survive amid the confusing, conflicting demands of contemporary culture.

Nominally addressed to students entering the field, Notes for Those Beginning the Discipline of Architecture is a scathing take on the profession from one of its emerging young practitioners, outlining its pitfalls, its excruciating failures, and — in spite of it all — its undeniable potentia

Video DVD, 93 minutes*
plus 18 pages, Booklet, English, 5 1/4'' x 7 1/2'' (135 x 190 mm)
includes a 30'' x 14'' poster (18 pages when folded)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9776241-0-2  
ISBN-10: 0-9776241-0-2      $ 24.95
*) Attention: NTSC/Regional code is ALL. We recommend this DVD be viewed on set top DVD players. Certain computer based DVD players may encounter a "region" error. If this error occurs please try the disc in a set top player, or in an alternate computer based DVD player.
About the Actor:
Michael Meredith
Michael Meredith (born 22 September 1968 in Dallas, Texas) is an American independent film director, screen­writer and producer. He frequently collaborates with German Director Wim Wenders.
Notes for Those Beginning ...
Accompanying architect Michael Meredith’s tract on the state of the profession of architecture — its frustrations, rewards, and place in contemporary culture — this mock debate was inspired by a fascination with William Buckley Jr.’s FIRING LINE. The hilarious, insightful argument illuminates the issues facing the fluctuating, complex, and ever-changing occupation of architecture.
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