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Neo Utopia: The Art and Work of SUPERBLAST
Manuel Osterholt:
Neo Utopia
The Art and Work of SUPERBLAST
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Berlin based graphic designer SUPERBLAST was im-mersed in the world of punk rock and skateboarding when he discovered graffiti in 1990 and quickly became addicted to the energy and vitality of the street art underground. As a logical evolution of writing with spraypaint, he started a career as graphic designer in 1999. While studying graphic design, he freelanced for several urban brands, had solo and collective art shows. In 2004 he honed his skills in the beautiful craft of creating letters, by attending lessons in Fontdesign from the world-famous Luc(as) de Groot.
Neo Utopia: The Art and Work of SUPERBLAST(1) Neo Utopia: The Art and Work of SUPERBLAST(4)
Neo Utopia: The Art and Work of SUPERBLAST(6) Neo Utopia: The Art and Work of SUPERBLAST(2)
Neo Utopia: The Art and Work of SUPERBLAST(5) Neo Utopia: The Art and Work of SUPERBLAST(3)
His unique iconic style and use of color in illustrations, lettering and wall pieces lead him to projects with some of the most interesting and innovative artists and companies in his field. Most notable are his collaborations with Playstation Portable, Ecko Unltd, Volkl Skateboards, Montana Cans, and many more. SUPERBLAST has designed clothing, graphics, magazine ads, and skateboard decks.

Neo Utopia – The Art & Work of SUPERBLAST is a fascinating career retrospective from a pioneer of the European graffiti world. Included is a personal selection of graphic design work, graffiti, illustration, ad campaigns, logo design, typography and related art of the past 17 years as well as sketches and full color photos of work in progress.

160 pages, Paperback, 7 1/4'' x 10 1/4'' (185 x 260 mm)
150 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-3-939566-11-3  $ 29.95
About the Author:
Manuel Osterholt, aka SUPERBLAST
Manuel Osterholt,
Manuel Osterholt discovered the sparkling world of graffiti writing in 1989. It opened up a whole new universe to him which led to a very personal style, tinted by Hip Hop, Punk Rock and Skateboard culture. Since then, he met and teamed up with some of the most interesting artists and companies in his field.
He lives in Berlin and works as a graphic artist. The strength of his artwork, his knowledge of cultures and lifestyles, are precious contributions to a wide range of projects. Besides eclectic artistic explorations, he is known for his collaborations with international brands, such as Ecko Unltd, Sony Playstation Portable, Nokia Nseries, Wood Wood and others.
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