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Kiriakos Iosifides:
Mural Art 3
Murals on Huge Public Surfaces Around the World from Graffiti to Trompe l’oeil
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Mural Art and its sequel, Mural Art 2, were stunning explorations of the worldwide mural art phenomenon, yet the topic is so considerable and ever-evolving that another book was needed to delve even deeper into the subculture.
Mural Art Vol.3 (1) Mural Art Vol.3 (2)
Mural Art Vol.3 (3) Mural Art Vol.3 (4)
Mural Art Vol.3 (5) Mural Art Vol.3 (6)
Mural Art #3 provides the most current survey of the most exciting contributions to the movement, including everything from trompe l’oeil to stencils to graffiti. The outside world serves as both canvas and gallery to mural artists who develop jaw-dropping creations on surfaces ranging from traditional walls to towering water towers and smoke stacks.

The volume features full color work within 272 pages with more than 120 different artists from Argentina to Berlin and from Sevilla to Québec, including: 3Steps, Angouleme, Marcos Andruchak, Aroe, Art Façade, ATEM, Blue Sky, Salvo Caramagno, City2City, Colossal, DK Muralismo, Dome, Frederic Garcia, Hitotzuki, Hyder 111, Dave Loewenstein, and Shizentomotel.

272 pages, Hardcover, 11 3/4'' x 8 1/2'' (300 x 215 mm)
850 color illustrations, English'
ISBN: 978-3-939566-28-1  $ 39.95
About the Author:
Kiriakos Iosifides
Kiriakos Iosifidis is the organizer of the “Carpe Diem” team in Greece, and editor of the well known “MURAL ART” book series.
Carpe Diem Graffiti Videos:
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Mural Art Vol. 2
Mural Art Vol. 2
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Mural Art Vol. 1
Mural Art Vol. 1
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Alianza: The Mac & Retna
Alianza: The Mac & Retna
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