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Flip the Script NEW TITLE
Christian P. Acker:
Flip the Script
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Distinctive hand style lettering is an essential skill for artists and designers. Deftly executed hand crafted letter forms are a nearly forgotten art in an age of endless free fonts. Graffiti is one of the last reservoirs of highly refined, well practiced penmanship.
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The most reviled and persecuted form of Graffiti, the Tag, is seldom appreciated for the raw beauty of its skeletal letter forms. Most tags are removed immediately, and thus the casual viewer seldom has a chance to discern the difference between entry level and advanced hand styles.

Within the pages of Flip the Script, author Christian Acker has systematically analyzed the best graffiti hand styles, contextualizing the work of graffiti writers from around the United States. Acker presents the various lettering samples in a clean organized format, giving the material a proper, formal treatment evoking classic typography books.

224 pages, Hardcover, 7'' x 9'' (178 x 229 mm)
100s of 2-color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-460-9  $ 29.95
About the Author:
Christian Acker
Christian Acker received a BFA with honors in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design in New York City in May of 2002.

He founded Adnauseum, Inc in 2002, and Handselecta Type Foundry in 2003. Adnauseum is an NYC-based experimental design studio, whose work runs the gamut of Photographic to Typographic. He occasionally guest lectures typography and design classes at his Alma Mater, Parsons School of Design.

He is a member of both the AIGA and the Type Directors Club.

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