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Dave the Chimp - Part of Rebellion #2
Christian Huntermark (C100):
Dave the Chimp
Part of Rebellion #2
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London based artist Dave the Chimp was one of the first street artists who went outside to paint with brushes and acrylic paint. Since 1996 Dave has been extremely prolific in the streets and galleries and has channeled his talent and passion for skating toward designing skateboards for German Skateboard label Hessenmob.
Dave the Chimp - Part of Rebellion #2 (imag 1 small) Dave the Chimp - Part of Rebellion #2 (imag 2 small)
Dave the Chimp - Part of Rebellion #2 (imag 6 small) Dave the Chimp - Part of Rebellion #2 (imag 5 small)
Dave the Chimp - Part of Rebellion #2 (imag 4 small)
His original style and bold black lines, all hand painted, are humorous, often incorporating lighthearted social commentary. He has painted public service announcements against smoking, “get out the vote” posters, and is often referred to as a “positive” graffiti artist who is just trying to bring a smile to his neighbor’s faces and some beauty to his run down neighborhood.

However humble his aspirations, Dave the Chimp has managed to have an impact around the world with his art. Included is an interview with the artist and many examples of his fine work on walls as well as graphic projects.

Dave the Chimp is the second publication in the Part of Rebellion Series, monographs focusing on artists from the groundbreaking Art of Rebellion and Art of Rebellion 2 first published in 2004.

128 pages, Paperback, 6'' x 7 1/2'' (152 x 190 mm)
200 illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-3-939566-17-5  $ 19.95
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About the Artist:
Dave the Chimp
Born in an egg on a mountain top, Dave the Chimp paints graffiti without his name, and makes fanzines to switch on your brain.
He runs the 243rd Skateboarding Sup­port Battalion, helped create Big Cheese Magazine and was a founder member of Finders Keepers Crew (along with D*Face, PMH, and Mysterious Al). He is head designer at Hessen Metal Skate­board Hardware and Artist in Residence at design/advertising agency Fold7.
His work has been published in such books as Scrawl 2 - More Dirt, Zines and Blower, Concrete To Canvas, The Art of Rebellion 1 & 2, Izastickup, and the Dazed and Confused book Annual, as well as appearing everywhere from chil­dren’s books for Hodder, tour posters for MTV, and number 1 UK singles, to the bottom of Burton Snowboards.
He has exhibited in London, Tokyo, Par­is, Portland (Oregon), Hamburg, Munich, Milano and Barcelona. He often works on collaborations with Flying Fortress (un­der the name Visual Rock Stars) and mur­als and large abstract posters with the likes of Ekta, Nomad, and Product Two.
2006 saw his directorial debut, with a video for the band Robots in Disguise, and he has since directed a further video for them, another for the Puppini Sisters, and tv commercials for the Badly Drawn Boy album "Born In The U.K." and the platinum selling Led Zeppelin com­pil­a­tion 'Mothership'.
Website: www.davethechimp.co.uk
Video: Dave The Chimp Vans Sneakercheck on Hobnox.com
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