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Backflashes: Graffiti Tales
Backflashes — Graffiti Tales
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Former graffiti writer and founding member of the Montana Writer Team, Ruedione retired the spraycan some years back, picking up a camera in its place. For Backflashes — Graffiti Tales, he’s captured covert graffiti missions in his signature black and white style from Hamburg, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Manheim and Dortmund Germany; New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco in the USA; Amsterdam and Zwolle in the Netherlands; Naples and Salermo Italy; Sao Paulo, Brazil and Santiago de Chile.
Backflashes: Graffiti Tales(1) Backflashes: Graffiti Tales(3)
Backflashes: Graffiti Tales(6) Backflashes: Graffiti Tales(5)
Backflashes: Graffiti Tales(2) Backflashes: Graffiti Tales(4)
These pictures portray not only the forms, letters and characters, but also of the moments, emotions and impressions that are integral to the act of writing graffiti. The raw inspiration, the adrenaline and the emotional weight of these artful, yet illegal acts are captured faithfully by a member of the cognoscenti.

A writer himself, Ruedione has been a constant companion to some of the best known graffiti artists for many years. His understanding of the lifestyle, the craft and the artistic and the illicit performance allows for a revealing vision that is clearly expressed throughout his work and which captures the act of graffiti as never before.

240 pages, Hardcover, 11'' x 11'' (280 x 280 mm)
black & white photographs throughout, English
ISBN: 978-3-939566-21-2  $ 45.00
About the Author:
Former graffiti writer, Ruedione was born 1975 in Heidelberg, Germany.

Ruedione is the founder of the Montana Writer Team (2000). Since 2005 he works exclusively as a professional photographer.

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