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Usugrow: Love & Hate From JP 2nd PRINTING
Usugrow, Upper Playground:
Usugrow: Love & Hate From JP
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Inspired by the Japanese hardcore music scene and skateboarding, Usugrow creates his own distinctive takes on subjects such as skulls and gothic characters with bold forms and meticulous detail.
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Usugrow: Love & Hate From JP(1) Usugrow: Love & Hate From JP(2) Usugrow: Love & Hate From JP(3)
Usugrow: Love & Hate From JP(4) Usugrow: Love & Hate From JP(5)
This driven artist is inspired by everything from tattoo flash, skateboarding, black letter fonts, graffiti to Japanese calligraphy, watercolor painting, and corporate logos, all with skillful use of black and white space, and a stunningly beautiful, unique, lettering style.

Love & Hate From JP collects Usugrow’s paintings, skateboard decks, concert flyers, Album cover designs, and works on paper, as well as personal photographs taken throughout his career.

96 pages, Hardcover, 6 1/4'' x 8 1/2'' (158 x 215 mm)
80 illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-0-9790862-3-6  $ 19.95
About the Artist:
Famed Japanese artist, Usugrow has worked on many collabos with Vans and other companies including Consolidated Skateboards, The Hundreds, Fifty24sf, and Secret Base. The shoes are mainly black with sophisticated details, featuring Usugrow’s signature style writing.

Solo Exhibitions:
«Behind The White Behind The Black»
Fifty24PDX (Portland, USA) 2008/4
«Learn A Light By Defining A Shadow»
Fifty24SF (SF, USA) 2007/8
Brooklyn Projects (LA, USA) 2006/11
«Organic Contrast»
BK Gallery (Sendai,Japan) 2005/11

Group Exhibitions:
«Shinganist Showcase 2»
Curated by Usugrow
Stolen Space Gallery (London, UK) 2009/7
«Shinganist Showcase 1»
Curated By Usugrow
Fifty24SF (SF, USA) 2009/5
«Scion Installation Art Tour»
2008 (USA)
«Vader Project»
Makuhari Messe (Tokyo, Japan) 2008/7
«UP LA Opening Group Show»
Fifty24LA (LA, USA) 2008/5
«Mike Giant & Usugrow»
White walls SF (SF, USA) 2007/11
«Beast Within»
Showroom NYC (NY, USA) 2007/10
«Refill Seven»
MTV Gallery (Sydney, Australia) 2007/4

Video: USUGROW Writing
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