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Made for Skate: Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear PAPERBACK
Jürgen Blümlein, Daniel C. Schmid, Dirk Vogel:
Made for Skate (Pb)
The Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear
Newly revised paperback edition
with 16 additional pages.
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In the skateboard universe the evolution of riding technique, skateboard decks, graphics and art are well documented. Until now, however, skate­board shoes have received little attention. Made for Skate tells the story of skateboard footwear as seen through the eyes of those who lived it.
Made for Skate: Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear(1) Made for Skate: Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear(2)
Made for Skate: Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear(5) Made for Skate: Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear(3)
Made for Skate: Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear(4) Made for Skate: Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear(6)
Along with the classics by companies such as Vans, Airwalk, Etnies, and Duffs it features hard-to-find and one-of-a-kind shoes that emerged throughout almost five decades of skate history all photographed superlatively.

This book provides an exhaustive overview of the history and styles of skate shoes and is based on the collection of the Museum of Skateboard History in Stuttgart, Germany. Discover, for instance, why the legendary Bones Brigade had to scrounge for shoes at the height of their fame and how key design features such as the lace saver provided protection and functionality.

Skate personalities we meet include Stacy Peralta, Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, Natas Kaupas, Don Brown, Paul Rodriguez, Chad Muska, Mike Vallely, Adrian Lopez, Mark Gonzalez, Tim Gavin, and many more.

Shoe designers featured include James Arizumi, Jeremy Fish, Andy Howell and Todd Bratrud.

over 800 color illustrations, English

Paperback, 416 pages
9'' x 11 1/2'' (230 x 288 mm)
ISBN: 978-1-58423-397-8  $ 29.95

Hardcover, 400 pages
9 1/4'' x 11 3/4'' (235 x 298 mm)
ISBN: 978-1-58423-348-0  $ 45.00
Made for Skate (Hc) Hardcover
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Excerpt from the Book:
Made for Skate: Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear (image 1a)
For a quick solution for pretty much any­thing that needs fixing — ANYTHING — look no further than duct tape. The sturdy adhesive tape is a staple in every North American household, thanks to its military grade resilience and unmatched ease of use.
Just tape up whatever needs holding together, and simply tear the tape with your fingers. No scissors needed, yet the holding power is ultra-tight. For a fact, duct tape saved those stranded astro­nauts during the Apollo 13 mission.
Duct tape enjoys a cult following across the United States, with the annual Duct Tape Festival in the town on Avon, Ohio, as an epicenter of duct tape mania. Compared to the almost infinite amount of users these hardcore enthusiasts come up with every year, simply duct taping your battered skate shoes may seem rather pedestrian. But it works.
Chad Muska looks back at his first skate shoes that had their lifespan expanded by the power of duct tape. “I think they were a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor's,” Muska remembers. “I must have used them for like four or five months. Losts of duct tape!”
The technique is very effective, es­pe­cially for feisty toe section damage from knee slides on vert. Or for ollie holes on the side.Or for an improvised lace saver. You can go completely MacGyver with it, as long as you don’t try sealing the ducts in your home, for which studies have proven duct tape to be totally in­ef­fect­ive. (— Bummer)
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