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Flux: Designer Toys
Shawn Wright:
Flux: Designer Toys
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Ever changing, challenging and re-inventing, designer toys are in a never-ending state of flux. Old becomes new and new can become pioneering. Flux is an intimate and exciting journey through the idiosyncrasies of designer playthings — every artist featured offers you the chance to meet the quirky characters of their imagination, and see the world through their eyes.
Flux: Designer Toys(3) Flux: Designer Toys(1)
Flux: Designer Toys(4) Flux: Designer Toys(2)
Not just toys, this book is bursting at the seams with inspiration. The supporting artwork tells the story of the development of characters — how the initial sketch of a good character can make it across media through vinyl, advertising, animation, illustration, cloth design, and much more. This title also presents exclusive new works and a hint of what is to come from this ever-expanding discipline.

Flux – Designer Toys doesn’t just show you the characters and artwork from designers worldwide, it provides a glimpse into the thoughts and aims of the person behind the art.

320 pages, Paperback, 8 3/4'' x 7 3/4'' (222 x 197 mm)
900 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-334-3  $ 29.95
Contributors from A–Z:
Alice Chan (Hong Kong)
Amy Tollafield (England)
Angels & Gringos (USA)
Chad Woodward (England)
Chapman Tse (Hong Kong)
Charuca (Spain)
Dacosta Bayley (Canada)
Daram Adhitia (Indonesia)
Furi Furi (Japan)
Gary Baseman (USA)
Graphic Airlines (Hong Kong)
Hicalorie (England)
Huck Gee (USA)
Jake (England)
Jason Siu (Hong Kong)
Jeremyville (Australia)
Jesse Hernandez (USA)
Jon Burgerman (England)
Kenny Wong (Hong Kong)
Marka 27 (USA)
Riot 68 (England)
Silly Ivy (China)
Sket One (USA)
Spicy Brown (USA)
Tim Tsui (Hong Kong)
Tokidoki (Italy)
ToyQube (USA)
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