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Compliments of... Robert Abeyta Jr.
Robert Abeyta Jr.:
Compliments of...
Robert Abeyta Jr.
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Robert Abeyta Jr.’s first book has a dense, dark core, more akin to a one-off artist’s book than a straight monograph. In his own words: “It’s a book about my artwork and how I arrive there.”
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Free of explanatory text, the artist uses this volume to reveal his working process and source materials intertwined with his final output — paintings inspired by the Tianguis in Mexico City — tiny, informal markets where all kinds of activities, legal and illegal occur.
Compliments of... Robert Abeyta Jr. is immediately obscure and enigmatic, however it is also lush, poetic and logical on its own terms. Mr. Abeyta’s career to date is varied and complex and includes music packaging and shoe design for Nike.

96 pages, Hardcover, 6 1/4'' x 8 1/4'' (160 x 210 mm)
color illustrations throughout, English
ISBN: 978-0-9790862-0-5  $ 19.90
About the Artist:
Robert Abeyta Jr.
Interview with Robert Abeyta Jr.
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