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Bike Art: Bicycles in Art Around The World NEW TITLE
Kiriakos Iosifidis:
Bike Art
Bicycles in Art Around The World
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There is an element of fanaticism in bicycle culture rarely seen among the varied forms of locomotion. A love affair of sorts develops between rider and bike, with all the constituent parts: obsession, devotion and longing. In extreme cases, hospitalization is required — among the more restrained, bicycle becomes muse, inspiring great works of art in a variety of media, all in an attempt to capture the spirit of the infatuation.
Bike Art (1) Bike Art (2)
Bike Art (8) Bike Art (4)
Bike Art (3) Bike Art (5)
Bike Art (6)
Bike Art (7)
Bike Art pays homage to our two-wheeled friend, presenting works created on walls, canvases, paper, pedestals, bikeframes, skin and clothing by an international team of artists including Taliah Lempert, Janet Bike Girl, Mona Caron, Boris Indrikov, DZIine, Matt W. Moore, Andy Singer, Mike Giant, David Gerstein, Mark Grieve & Ilana Spector, "Bike 2.0", "Azor", "I Bike", Kevin Cyr, Olek, Duane Flatmo and more. In addition, the bicycle receives a complete makeover as designers compete to create the most original ride, whether re-envisioning the age-old form in its entirety or creating custom pieces for private consumption.

A voyeuristic showcase of the lesser-known aspects of the culture — including festivals, performing arts and good works — rounds out this must-have volume.

256 pages, Hardcover, 11 3/4'' x 8 1/2'' (324 x 216 mm)
900 illustrations, English

ISBN: 978-1-58423-477-7  $ 34.95
Contributors from A–Z:
401rush, aka Fixator,
    aka Nicholas Platzer
Adam Turman
Alain Delorme
Alain Durand
    Carlos Eduardo,
    Maturana Candia
Alex Hornest
Alison Elizabeth Taylor
Andrew Diprose,
    art director
    ‘The Ride Journal’
Andrew Turnbull
Andrew Yool
Andy Barrett
Andy Singer
Benedetto Bufalino
Bike 2.0
Boris Indrikov
Brano Meres,
    (“BME” Design)
Brian D. Cumming
Brian D. Kelley
Charles Johnston, aka C5
Dan Goldwater,
    Monkey LED
Daniel Doebner,
    aka Besok
Dave Joynson
Dave Loewenstein
David Gerstein
David Guinn
Dev Harlan
Dirk Petzold
Duane Flatmo
El niño de las pinturas   
Erik Lee Snyder,
    Casey Kelbaugh &
    David Trimble,
Esteban Luis Cabrera
Frans Schellekens
Hamed Kohan
Hans J. Richter
I Love Dust
Igor Ravbar
Inoda Sveje
Interesni & Kazki
Ite Kingma, Bleijh
    Concept & Design
Janet Bike Girl
Jeff Parr
Jennifer Clarke &
    Mark Pate Jenny,
Jennifer Davis
Jeremy Slagle,
    Graphic Design
Jessica Brilli
Jill Liedtke
John Williams
Jonah Birns
Ken Avidor
Kevin Cyr
Kevin Nierman
Kirsty Collister
Ko Masuda
Konstantin Datz
Louie Favorite,
Mads Berg
Mandy van Leeuwen
Marc Osborn
María Camila Bernal Toro,
    aka Remedios
Mark Grieve &
    Ilana Spector
Martin Jahnecke,
    ETOE Co.
Matt W. Moore,
    MWM Graphics
Mattew Reamer,
Matthew Reamer,
Mia Nilsson
Michael Cheval
Michael Thompson
    (‘Splider’ design)
Mike Giant
Mimo Khair
Mona Caron
Pat Perry
Peter Collingridge
Peter J. Kudlata
Peter Varga, (‘OneyBike’
    & ‘FAJNYJE2’ design)
Rachel Lovinger
Reindy Allendra
    (‘I Bike’ design)
Reinier Korstanje
    The Tweed Ride Report
Robb Meertens
Robert Miles
RUSL Bicycle
Sean Kane
Sepideh Roshani
Taliah Lempert
Tyrone Stevenson,
    aka Baybe Champ,
    The Original
    Scraper Bike King
Urban Velo – Jeff Guerrero
Vitche & Jana Joana
Webb Burns,
    (‘My Bike II’ design)
    Amos Robinson
Werc & Crol
Will Manville
William Bebout
William Lazos
    Vaggelis Choursoglou
Zviad Tsikolia
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