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World Branding Committee, Hiro Minamiyama: World Branding - Concept, Strategy and Design
World Branding Committee, Hiro Minamiyama:
World Branding
Concept, Strategy and Design
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This bold and innovative new book examines the phenomenon of branding as corporate strategy.

With an introductory essay on the role and philosophy of branding on the international stage, World Branding provides a step-by-step approach for the reader, breaking down the various examples by the elements that make up a brand and familiarizing one with contemporary terms and notions of identity.

Through a series of "case studies," World Branding illuminates prominent companies, institutions, organizations and governmental bodies, which exemplify successful brand strategies.

In depth and beautifully illustrated, this book is a must for any design or corporate library. Case studies include: Adobe, Audi, The British Library, A Coherent National Brand for Denmark, The Netherlands Ministry of Defence and Scandinavian Airlines.

300 pages, Paperback, 8 1/2'' x 12'' (216 x 305 mm)
color illustrations throughout, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-283-4  $ 49.95
World Branding Committee
While employing a fusion of various disciplines including cultural an-thropology, psychology and philosophy, and transcending the fields of conventional business science, marketing and design, we wish to continue looking into the modalities of corporations and organisations, which can offer people a rich sense of reliance and happiness.

It is also our wish to communicate our ideas and methodologies to people of the next generation, and to continue developing education and study programmes in the ideas and methods of strategic branding and identity management. For instance, we believe that business schools should be taught the usefulness of design and communication, psychology and cultural anthropology, while design schools should develop a theory of design more accessible to corporate business managers. [excerpt from World Branding website]  

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