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Vivid! The Allure of Color in Design
Sandu Cultural Media:
The Allure of Color in Design
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Color is often the first quality of a product to attract the attention of a consumer and stimulate his imagination. Whether soothing or agitating, cheering or depressing, color certainly demonstrates the ability to provoke sentiment.
Vivid! The Allure of Color in Design(1) Vivid! The Allure of Color in Design(2)
Vivid! The Allure of Color in Design(3) Vivid! The Allure of Color in Design(4)
Vivid! The Allure of Color in Design(5) Vivid! The Allure of Color in Design(6)
Vivid! The Allure of Color in Design sets out to demystify the arresting powers of color and how they are successfully used in today’s complex world of marketing. As one of the essential elements of visual communication, color can be the singularly defining factor in the short- and long- term effectiveness of a brand.

Covering all aspects of corporate identity — from logos, stationary and business cards to websites, promotional and packaging design — Vivid! shows how some of the world’s greatest graphic talents have used color to attract their target audience in the blink of an eye and to hold its attention.

Functionally categorized by hue, this book allows the reader to take a fascinating journey through the spectrum of design.

240 pages, Paperback, 8 1/4'' x 11'' (210 x 279 mm)
1,000 illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-381-7  $ 39.95
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