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Vectorism Vector Graphics Today NEW TITLE
Vector Graphics Today
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It is difficult to argue that we as a society are obsessed with technology. Many of our relationships, whether with art, literature or each other are now maintained primarily through one digital interface or another.
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Tantalizing new platforms are continuously appearing in the marketplace offering more features than their predecessors. The usual outcome is the forced obsolescence of these previous systems. And yet in art and design, there has been a shift in recent years towards the fruits of more “lo-fi” processes, a distinct need for a personal component and the expressiveness that normally only a human hand can evoke.

Vector graphics have weathered this current backlash taking pride of place alongside the fruits of more handmade techniques. The sources of inspiration often remain the same, whether a nod to popular culture or an homage to nostalgia. The execution is precise and original, with a unique capacity for pattern and color and a great versatility of scale.

Vectorism examines the state of contemporary vector graphics and its continuing relevance in the design world.

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240 pages, Paperback
7 1/2'' x 9 3/4'' (191 x 248 mm)
900 color illustrations
ISBN: 978-988-19438-0-4  $ 39.95
Contributors from A–Z:
Ali Alsumayin
Anthony Burrill
Aske aka Sicksystems
Bart Aalbers
Because Studio
Beci Orpin
Bruno Borges
C100 Purple Haze
Craig & Karl
Emil Kozak design Studio
Happy Lovers Town
Ideas on Purpose
James Joyce
Jan Kallwejt
Janine Rewell
Jonny Wan
Katrin Rodegast
LouLou & Tummie
Maria Zaikina
Mark Brooks Graphik Design
Matt Lyon
Patrick Hruby
Paul Tebbott
Piotr Staby
Pony Ltd.
Rob Bailey
Robert Samuel Hanson
Sam Harris
Stephen Cheetham
Steven Moreau
Steven Wilson
Super Nature Design
Tamer Koseli
Tsevis Visual Design
Vahram Muratyan
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