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Symbols, Pictograms & Silhouettes
Marta Aymerich:
Symbols, Pictograms & Silhouettes
(includes a CD-ROM)
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An image speaks more than a thousand words Symbols, Pictograms and Silhouettes features some of the most innovative semantic designs created by graphic artists from around the world.
Symbols, Pictograms & Silhouettes(9) Symbols, Pictograms & Silhouettes(8)
Symbols, Pictograms & Silhouettes(1) Symbols, Pictograms & Silhouettes(5)
Symbols, Pictograms & Silhouettes(4) Symbols, Pictograms & Silhouettes(2)
Symbols, Pictograms & Silhouettes(7) Symbols, Pictograms & Silhouettes(3)
Isolating only the most essential of graphic elements, the viewers’ attention is focused towards the subtle details — the simplicity of shapes and the infinity of interpretations that a single idea has.

The tremendous variety of work presented in this volume is all united in pushing the limits of traditional design and striving for the creation of a new iconography. Go ahead and discover the potential it offers for your next design or creative endeavor.

The book includes a CD-ROM, containing most of the images illustrated
in the book.

350 pages, Hardcover with CD-ROM
1/4'' x 8 1/4'' (210 x 210 mm)
1,000’s of color and b/w illustrations    

ISBN: 978-84-96774-35-3 
$ 39.95
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