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Super Premium: Extraordinary Premium for Brand Promotion
Super Premium
Extraordinary Premium for Brand Promotion
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Welcome to the biggest and best ideas on special gift packages for your best customers. World renowned designers unveil their approach from goals and challenges, through process and design, to arrive at the most uniquely applicable gift ideas imaginable.
Super Premium: Extraordinary Premium for Brand Promotion(1) Super Premium: Extraordinary Premium for Brand Promotion(2)
Super Premium: Extraordinary Premium for Brand Promotion(3) Super Premium: Extraordinary Premium for Brand Promotion(4)
A brand image, an artful object, an original souvenir for a special occasion — this is the definitive guide when it comes to expressing concepts, themes and attitudes in a single precious object.

Super Premium offers an extensive showcase of these exclusive souvenirs, each and every limited edition and object that you will not easily forget. With some of the world’s cutting-edge brands such as Diesel, I-D Magzine, Hello Kitty, Vivienne Westwood, Uniqlo, and Louis Vuitton enlisting top notch designers the resulting commissions are aptly effective, unique and beautiful.

226 pages, Paperback flexi-bound, 7 1/2'' x 9 1/2'' (190 x 240 mm)
color illustrations throughout, English
ISBN: 978-988-99001-5-1  $ 45.00
Read­ing is a very sen­sori­al ex­per­i­ence that mixes phys­ic­al and men­tal pro­cesses. And even though there are blogs, blogs, and more blogs — they can nev­er sweep away the charm of books. The ed­it­or­i­al con­tent, the pa­per, the struc­ture, the read­ing rhythm, the look: The book it­self has un­count­able pos­sib­il­it­ies to ex­plore. If there are books for chil­dren that are spe­cially de­signed as fun for kids, why not books spe­cially for de­sign­ers? As de­sign­ers are, or at least sup­posed to be, open-­minded, we try to ex­plore and make books with ex­cit­ing con­tents in a in­ter­est­ing struc­ture. That's what ARR pub­lish­ing are do­ing.”
— SK Lam    
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