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Skinner: Every Man is My Enemy NEW TITLE
Every Man is My Enemy
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Skinner is a self-taught artist from Sacramento, California who has meticulously crafted a balance of extraordinary mural work, mighty powerful wall-to-wall installations and a prolific commercial career.
Skinner: Every Man is My Enemy (1) Skinner: Every Man is My Enemy (2)
Skinner: Every Man is My Enemy (3) Skinner: Every Man is My Enemy (4)
Skinner: Every Man is My Enemy (5) Skinner: Every Man is My Enemy (6)
Skinner: Every Man is My Enemy (7) Skinner: Every Man is My Enemy (8)
Influenced by 80s pop culture, human struggle, myths and violence, dungeons and dragons, and the heavy metal gods, Skinner’s mind is one full of mayhem fueled by a calculated chaos. His work has been shown all over the universe — at places like the Museum of Graphic Design in Breta, Netherlands, the Illustrative Festival in Berlin, Germany, Japan, France, and the states from LA to New York and everywhere in between.

He recently participated in the epic ‘Suggestivism’ exhibition at the Grand Central Arts Center. His most recent solo exhibit entitled ‘The Fear You May Know’ reigned at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco in the summer of 2010. Skinner’s work has been featured in many publications, including Blisss, Juxtapoz, Hi Fructose, and Beautiful / Decay.

172 pages, Hardcover, 8 1/2'' x 11'' (216 x 279 mm)
150 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-469-2  $ 29.95
About the Artist:
Skinner draws influence and inspiration from human struggles and their parallels in the animal kingdom, mythology, violence, fantastic occult imagery, psychedelic exploration and blessings from the gods of heavy metal. His work has shown at galleries, museums and festivals all over the world, from the Netherlands, France, Germany and Russia to Japan and throughout the United States. Most recently the artist staged a mind-altering solo show at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco and was also featured the Grand Central Arts Center’s landmark exhibition, Suggestivism. His work has been featured in a variety of publications including Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose and Beautiful/Decay.
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