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Short 'n' Strong
Short ’n’ Strong
Taste the Real Italian Corporate Identity!
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Together with the global evolution that was kicked off by experimentation in the 1990s, Italian corporate identity design has reached a high point of cultural maturity. Although the world still often associates Italian design more closely with fashion and industry, as Short 'n' Strong clearly demonstrates, Italian creativity goes way beyond that.
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Corporate identity has become a newly respected discipline and many of Italy’s greatest design talents have turned their attention to it.

As the works in this beautiful book definitely show, Italian designers are not only well equipped to understand the need for a brand to stand out and appeal to the consumer in a clear and memorable way, but they also understand that the emotional component is one of a logos’ main functions.

320 pages, Hardcover, 8'' x 11 1/2'' (203 x 292 mm)
over 500 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-88-88492-10-0  $ 39.95
About the Author:
Italian agency for Communication, Graphic Art, Video, Multimedia, and Interior Design — founded in 1996 in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
Kalimera is a team of designers from various fields, sharing the idea that methods of communication can no longer be separated into single divisions, but rather interact overall.
Clients include Vodafone, Sky, Diesel, Barilla, Kellogg's, The Max Mara Group, and Nike.
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