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Save My Life - Cody Hudson
Cody Hudson:
Save My Life — Cody Hudson
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Cody Hudson, who works under the name Struggle Inc., is a Chicago based commercial artist and painter known for work that bridges the gap between street art and traditional graphic design.
Save My Life - Cody Hudson(1) Save My Life - Cody Hudson(2)
Save My Life - Cody Hudson(3) Save My Life - Cody Hudson(4)
Ranging from guerilla style art to room sized installations; Hudson draws on a variety of influences from pop culture to the French Revolution. Hudson creates images known for their sardonic social and political content offset by bold color schemes.

His paintings have been exhibited throughout the US and Japan and his client list includes Chocolate Industries, Stussy, Syndrome, 2K, Burton Snowboards and Gravis. He also produces a small clothing line by the name of Headlock. His personal work has resulted in two large-scale commissions from the City of Chicago for works such as pencil drawings and found object installations.

Save my Life focuses on every aspect of Hudson’s prolific career, including painting, printmaking and sculptural installation.

96 pages, Hardcover, 6 1/4'' x 9 1/2'' (160 x 240 mm)
89 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-0-9778854-9-7  $ 19.95
About the Artist:
Cody Hudson
Cody Hudson
Cody Hudson, born in 1971, is a Chicago-based artist, also known for his commercial art and graphic design work under the name Struggle Inc.
In the mid nineties Cody helped with the design duties at the, then just starting out, graffiti magazine “12oz Prophet”. He also worked on the short lived “The Vapors Project” which focused entirely on the illegal aspects of graffiti. In 2006 Cody was commissioned by the City of Chicago Public Art Program to create a permanent installation at the White Sox/35th CTA station as part of the Arts in Transit Program. In 2007 he had his first solo museum show titled “There Ain’t No Bottomless Pit Here, This is Fucking Magic Man, and Were All a Part of it Together” at the Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago (MCA).
His work has been exhibited throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; New Image Art, Los Angales; Rocket Gallery, Tokyo; The Lazy Dog, Paris; and Anrew Rafacz, Chicago.
Interview with Cody Hudson
by Ben Fasman:
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