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Printwork: Capture the Best Publication and Promotion
Capture the Best Publication and Promotion
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Graphic designers are continually challenged to find new ways to lend impact and interest to their work. The special printing methods collected in Printwork are employed to great effect in book and product design in innovative and exciting ways.
Printwork: Capture the Best Publication and Promotion(1) Printwork: Capture the Best Publication and Promotion(2)
Printwork: Capture the Best Publication and Promotion(4) Printwork: Capture the Best Publication and Promotion(3)
Colors, gloss, and texture all add visual and tactile appeal to products, packaging and print designs. “Look and feel” has never been more important to the success of a product or campaign.

Printwork encourages designers to experiment with unusual printing methods and techniques and challenges them to think beyond the computer screen and into the dimension of the realm of the senses. Presenting actual techniques featured in the book inviting readers to touch each page, allowing them access to the haptic quality of the finished products.

256 pages, Paperback, 7 3/4'' x 10'' (200 x 255 mm)
800 color illustrations, English / Japanese
ISBN: 978-988-98228-9-7  $ 39.95
Contributors from A–Z:
Clusta Ltd
CoDesign Ltd
Communion W Ltd.
Deanne Cheuk Design
Design Project
Frost Design
jekyll & hyde
karlssonwilker inc.
kokokumaru co., ltd
Lee Man Chung
MEWE Design Alliance
Nakajima Design
NB: Studio
R2 design
RMAC Brand Design
Ryszard Bienert
Sagmeister Inc.
Samenwerkende Ontwerpers
(André Toet)
Sandy Choi Associates Limited
Saturday London
Scandinavian DesignLab
SEA Design
Shinnoske Inc.
Strichpunkt GmbH
Taste Inc.
Third Eye Design
TNOP™ Design
William Hall
Zion Graphics
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