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Point East: Explore Stunning Talents in Asia
Point East
Explore Stunning Talents in Asia
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Never before have so many stunning new talents from the East had such impact and influence on world design as in the past decade. Point East showcases some of the most exciting artists and designers working in Asia today, all of whom have been recognized by their Western contemporaries as 21st Century trendsetters.
Point East: Explore Stunning Talents in Asia (1) Point East: Explore Stunning Talents in Asia(3)
Point East: Explore Stunning Talents in Asia(4) Point East: Explore Stunning Talents in Asia(2)
Point East: Explore Stunning Talents in Asia(5)
With their styles adopted and replicated by design and fine art communities all around the globe, they are enjoying levels of success many of them had never dared dream of.

Point East features works by artists representing a variety of artistic disciplines and backgrounds and covers graphic design, painting and sketching, fashion graphics, packaging, promotion and textiles.

This is a beautiful full color volume of inspiring work from Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Korea, Thailand and other Asian countries. Artists featured include Takora Kimiyoshi Futori, Akinori Oishi, Green Studio, Sixstation, Tammy Yu and many others who are at the forefront of the Asian art renaissance.

432 pages, Hardcover with jacket, 8 1/4'' x 10 1/2'' (210 x 268 mm)
color illustrations throughout, English
ISBN: 978-988-17327-1-2  $ 49.95
Contributors by Country:
China:   BAI.S workshop
BICO -|- Bobchen graphic
design office
MEWE design alliance
Nod Young
Resonance Design Group
XXXL Remixed Creative Factory
Singapore:  :phunk studio
Me and Mister Jones
Korea:   byul.org
Minseung Jang
Moss Creative Inc.
Pooroni Rhee
Sangyoung Suh
ZNP creative
Japan:   Asao Tokolo
Hideki Inaba
Keiichi Tanaami
NAGI NODA (Uchu-Country / Partizan)
Nakajima Design Ltd.
Risa Fukui
Ryohei Wabi Kudo & Kazushi Sabi Nakanishi
Takashi Okada
Hong Kong:   anothermountainman
Communion W Ltd
Daydream Nation
G.O.D. Limited
Marc & Chantal Design
Rex Koo
Ted, Hok Tak Yeung
Thailand:  2magazine
Inspired by Inner Complexity
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