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Packaging Templates
Liaoning Science and Technology:
Packaging Templates
The Ultimate Guide to Packaging Design
(includes a CD-ROM)
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Packaging Templates is a comprehensive publication and its primary purpose is to provide solutions to the widest range of packaging needs possible. This consummately practical guide presents in one volume a range of packaging templates capable of meeting the requirements of virtually any commercial or retail use.
Packaging Templates(5) Packaging Templates(2)
Packaging Templates(3) Packaging Templates(4)
Packaging Templates(1) Packaging Templates(6)
From basic presentation boxes to window display items, carriers and display stands, no potential application is left out. And, of course, Packaging Templates offers much more than a simple range of design ideas and technical templates.

This is a book of encyclopedic proportions that also provides information on international standards of packaging, a lexicon of terms and expressions, an up to the minute survey of locking techniques, and an overview of basic pack structures.

Packaging Templates is an invaluable sourcebook that will appeal to everyone from novice designers to packaging experts.

504 pages, Paperback
includes a CD-ROM    
1/4'' x 7 1/4'' (184 x 184 mm)
over 1,000 illustrations, English

ISBN: 978-1-58423-337-4  $ 24.95
(dummy CD)
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