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It’s a Matter of Illustration Amatterofdesign™
It’s a Matter of Illustration (Pb)
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It’s a Matter of Illustration is the fifth volume in the exciting new Amatterofdesign™ graphic series and presents a remarkable & diverse collection of up-to-the-minute contemporary illustrations. Focused on graphic illustration, this book covers its use in all creative disciplines and closely examines current global trends in the field.
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It’s a Matter of Illustration(1) It’s a Matter of Illustration(2)
The book is divided into 5 sections — Dream & Fantasy; Fun & Playful; Gloomy & Mystery; Structural & Complex; and Distinctive & Unique, to uncover the diversity of illustrations and the influence within.

Visually vibrant illustrations accompanied by succinct textual explanations make this book an essential reference guide for the experienced and inexperienced alike. Anyone who is involved in either creating or choosing an illustration for use in graphic execution will surely want to have a copy.

224 pages, Paperback, 8 1/4'' x 10'' (207 x 258 mm)
700 color illustrations in 5-color print, English
ISBN: 978-988-98229-2-7  $ 35.00
Contributors from A–Z:
Achilles Greminger
Aeriform Visform Tissier
Anthony Burrill
Artificial Flavour
Ben Frost
Benjamin Güedel
Carmen Garcia Huerta
Christian Montenegro
Deanne Cheuk
Electric Heat
Erotic Dragon
Faiyaz Jafri
Kåre Martens
Karen Oxman
Kerry Roper
Klaus Haapaniemi
Koshiro Torisu
Maiko Gubler
Martin Woodtli
Meomi Design
Mirko Ilic Corp
Mlein Press
Nathan Jurevicius
Richard May
Rukkit Kuanhawate
Scott Listfield
Seeman Ho
Serial Cut™
Shinji Nemoto
Simon Oxley
Siu Hak
Stephan Doitschinoff
Stephen Bliss
Tanya Ling
Tokyo Mejirushi
Tetsuya Nagato
the OuterOne Design
Tom Muller
Yuko Shimizu
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