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I Love Avant Garde NEW TITLE
Victionary & TwoPoints.net:
I Love Avant Garde
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First designed by Herb Lubalin as a logo, not a typeface, Avant Garde has had a tumultuous history. Once a representation of innovation and singularity, its popularity in the 1970s has given it a distinctly retro connotation in modern times.
I Love Avant Garde(2) I Love Avant Garde(6)
I Love Avant Garde(4) I Love Avant Garde(3)
I Love Avant Garde(1) I Love Avant Garde(5)
Its complex ligatures, particularly the distinctive dramatically-slanted “A,” are a challenge for any designer to master, and the ongoing debate continues over whether anyone has been able to use it correctly since Lubalin himself.

Judge for yourself in this collection showcasing the application of Avant Garde type within the graphic arts.

160 pages, Paperback, 6 1/4'' x 9'' (160 x 230 mm)
color illustrations throughout, English
ISBN: 978-988-17328-7-3  $ 29.95
Contributors from A–Z:
21bis (Frank Dresmé)
      (George Eid,
      Arnaud Mercier)
Big Active
      (Richard Andrews,
      Gerard Saint,
      Sanna Annukka)
Carsten Klein
Christopher Pilkington
Denise Franke
      (Jesper Johansen)
DHNN (design has
     no name)
Everything Design
      (Jason Saunders),
      Sandii McDonald
Experimental Jetset
Fendy Ibrahim
grafisches Buero
      (Guenter Eder,
      Roman Breier)
GVD (Guus Gijben,
      Vera Verberne,
      David Paans)
HelloMe (Till Wiedeck)
Hint Creative
      (Christian Hansen,
      Kevin Cantrell,
      Ario Vance,
      Brad Dowdle)
James McCarthy
Jamie Delaney
Joe Hinder
Jonas Wandeler
Kees Bakker,
      Lilian Pellegrino
Kris Borgerink
Leslie David
Mark Brooks Graphik
Melvin Galapon,
MetaDesign AG
Mike Jarboe
Na Kim
Neil Wengerd,
      Elizabeth Myers
Oliver Daxenbichler
      (Nathelie Pollet)
Pierre Jeanneret
Praline, John Short
Raffinerie AG für
Robin Snasen Rengard,
      TBWA Oslo
Rockstudios Design
      (Horacio Lorente)
SB Studio
      (Benji Holroyd)
Sort Design
Sulki & Min
The Consult
      (Alex Atkinson,
      John-Paul Warner)
Thern (Dan Moscrop)
This Studio / Visuelle
      (David Bennett)
Triboro (David Heasty,
      Stefanie Weigler)
      (Ludovic Gerber)
      (Andrew Townsend)
Zip Design Ltd
About the Series:
I Love Type Series
Every designer has a favorite type­face. More than a vehicle to transport words onto a page, a typeface can express taste, style, opinion, and attitude. The typeface a designer uses — and how he has manipulated it — reveals the personality and aesthetic of the designer himself.
Using a selection of high-quality graphic design work for books, promotional materials, signage and more, each book in the “I Love Type” series highlights a single typeface and its prevalence in the design community. This narrow focus lends itself to an in-depth study of each typeface — how the same font can be altered to create different moods and generate an entirely original effect.
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I Love Type Series (vol.4)
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I Love Type Series (vol.3): I Love Bodoni NEW
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I Love Type Series (vol.1): I Love Futura NEW
I Love Type Series (vol.1)
I Love Futura
Created in the 1920s, it shows the influence of German Bauhaus, and has inspired an army of geometric typefaces in the years since its inception. Futura’s iconic status and simplicity have inspired the designers in this text to push for innovation. more...
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