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How to Disappear - Moki
How to Disappear – Moki
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How to Disappear — it’s a constant concern in artist Moki’s work. Moki’s photorealistic paintings find inspiration in comic book themes and natural and human mysteries.
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How to Disappear - Moki(1) How to Disappear - Moki(4)
How to Disappear - Moki(3) How to Disappear - Moki(2)
How to Disappear - Moki(6) How to Disappear - Moki(5) How to Disappear - Moki(7)
Her images are unsettling and charming, strange yet familiar. They feature lonely northern landscapes: isolated Scandinavian and Icelandic terrain, a subarctic frozen lake continent, untouched caves and moss meadows, and mountains sculpted into anatomical shapes by wind and water. Animals and humans emerge and dissolve into their environments. Within the solitude of nature, disappearing seems an obvious act.

Moki lives and works in Hamburg, where she studied at the Hamburg Academy of Arts. She also creates animation, comics, performance art, and toys and is active in international art collectives and the Street Art scene. Her art evokes the animation of Hayao Miyazaki, but with a chilling beauty that's pure Moki.

Enjoy the haunting alternate world within this monograph.

How to Disappear - Moki
128 pages, Hardcover, 11'' x 8 3/4'' (279 x 222 mm)
66 color illustrations, 33 b/w illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-417-3  $ 29.95
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About the Artist:
Moki was born 1982 in Brilon, Germany. In 2001 she began studying fine arts at the 'Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg' from which she graduated in 2007.
Moki works primarily as painter, and oc­ca­sionally also on comics and an­im­a­tions. How to Disappear – Moki, (Gingko Press 2010), is her second book.
Currently, Moki lives and works in Ham­burg, Germany.
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