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Hands On: Interactive Design in Print NEW TITLE
Hands On
Interactive Design in Print
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We live in a changed world. Old patterns of want and desire are gradually being replaced and new values espoused. No longer content with passively accumulating the fruits of mass production, consumers are demanding a leading role in the very act of creation itself.
Hands On: Interactive Design in Print (1) Hands On: Interactive Design in Print (2)
Hands On: Interactive Design in Print (3) Hands On: Interactive Design in Print (4)
Hands On: Interactive Design in Print (5) Hands On: Interactive Design in Print (6)
Within this realm, simple substances are being explored anew for the permutations they can offer — be it wood, fabric or paper, that most mutable of materials. With the simple addition of print, designs are uplifted, speaking to individual preference while conveying the required information. The charm is further heightened by an interactive component, inviting the user to participate in the artistic process, by completing an anticipated design, or injecting one’s own vision into the end result.

Hands On collects a captivating array of the best of today’s interactive design in print — with projects incorporating magnets, stamps, stickers, stitching, pop-outs, scratch-away, paper folding, model building and more!

232 pages, Paperback, 7 1/2'' x 9 3/4'' (191 x 248 mm)
900 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-988-19438-3-5  $ 39.95
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