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Gusto: A Journey Through Culinary Design
Sandu Cultural Media:
A Journey Through Culinary Design
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This exciting new book is an amazing journey through ‘culinary design,’ a jaunt through the rarefied air of the world’s latest and greatest destination restaurants, cafes and bars. What does it take today to create a successful eating establishment?
Gusto: A Journey Through Culinary Design(7) Gusto: A Journey Through Culinary Design(8)
Gusto: A Journey Through Culinary Design(2) Gusto: A Journey Through Culinary Design(4)
Gusto: A Journey Through Culinary Design(5) Gusto: A Journey Through Culinary Design(3)
Gusto: A Journey Through Culinary Design(6) Gusto: A Journey Through Culinary Design(1)
Peer inside these pages and experience the sheer luxury of Pearls & Caviar, a restaurant as subtly plush as the name suggests, with its white leather and metallic finishes; the simple but cosy interior of Toasted, embracing guests with its warm timber and homey finishes; the inviting, casual atmosphere of Bar Lobo, which exudes the low-key cool of a great place to meet with friends; and more.

Most projects include comprehensive samples of signage, menus and flatware. Other establishments featured include Cuines Santa Caterina, Teaspoon, Nu Askia, Home Made Delicate Food Delivery, La Xina, Subu Restaurant, Trattoria Giancarlo and Comptoir Libonais.

256 pages, Hardcover, 8 1/4'' x 11 1/4'' (210 x 286 mm)
750 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-385-5 $ 39.95
Contributors from A–Z:
360 Architecture
AB Rogers
Ahmett Salina Studio
Akabaliev Arkitekter AB
Architects EAT
Architectur Denis Kosutic
Asylum Creative
Brian Moss, Phil Oakden
Budi Pradono Architects
Concrete Architectural
Darryl Goveas
Delacroix & Friant
Design Ranch
Design Spirits Co.
Fabio Ongarato Design
Fluid Design + Marketing
Grant Amon Architects
Hecker Phelan & Guthrie
Ico Design Consultancy
Ippolito Fleitz
Isabel López Vilalta
Johannes Torpe Studios
Jon Rift
Landers Miller Design
Mario Eskenazi
Marion + Merche
Mark Sarosi
McHenry Shaffer
    Mitchell Architects
Mind Design
Montalba Architects
Mucca Design
Pieke Bergmans
Pierluigi Piu
Rana Salam
Riccardo Salvi & Luca Rossire
Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Scalar Architecture
Slade Architecture
SO Architecture
Studio 48 London
Studio a+i
Studio One to One
Studio Yaron Tal
Tad Carpenter
Thies Design
Woods Bagot
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