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Fashion Hangtag Design NEW TITLE
Barbara Liu:
Fashion Hangtag Design
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Hangtags, like business cards, are often the first impression a designer can make; but unlike business cards, which must be handed out, the hangtag is literally connected to a product. A hangtag must present a brand's identity in an instant.
Fashion Hangtag Design (1) Fashion Hangtag Design (2)
Fashion Hangtag Design (3) Fashion Hangtag Design (4)
Fashion Hangtag Design (5) Fashion Hangtag Design (6)
Fashion Hangtag Design (7) Fashion Hangtag Design (8)
This comprehensive volume is the first to fully explore the most creative in contemporary fashion, design, craft, and package hangtags and present these functional and small-scale works of art as inspiration to the reader. The finest designs by artists, illustrators, and designers, as well as upcoming Etsy crafters, are featured, with websites and email addresses listed.

The sheer ingenuity within the creative community is illuminated by the many techniques found within this book, including lenticular printing, screenprinting, drawn metal, printing on salvaged vintage book pages, hand drawn typography, laser cutting, paper folding, embroidery, letterpress, embossing, debossing, and die cutting. Christopher James's tags are even embedded with seeds that grow when the 100% organic cotton hangtag is planted in the ground!

290 pages, Paperback, 8 1/2'' x 10'' (216 x 254 mm)
1,000 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-443-2  $ 39.95
Contributors from A–Z:
Antonio Salzano
Arthur Lhermitte
Arturo Marín
Augustina de la Plaza
Bal Bhatla
Chicas PinUps
Christine Robbins
Christopher James
Claudia Costa Pedret
Cory Ripley MGDC
Daniele Machado
David Garcia
CLOT Co. Ltd.
Edison Chen
Egor Bashakov
Eva Mastrogiulio
Fabien Barral
Gaja Meznaric Osole
Gianluca Piroli
Heather Dutton
Helena Katharina Wimmer
Helena Pitko
Irina Troitskaya
Isabela Serta
Jane Russo
Jessica Rose
Julie Broberg
Kerry Wilkinson
Kevin Poon
Kimberly (Kym) MacFarlane
Lis Llanes
Mario Azzi
Magnus Jansson
Matthias Keding
Mek Frinchaboy
Mirona Iliescu
Mitsy Sleurs
Natalia Pasquino
Nurit Koniak
Nourhan Refaat
Ryan K
Scott Lambert
Sean Ball
Steven Bradley Cook
Stine Weirsoe
T. Iamsam-ang
Tiina Ilmavirta
Tim Blake
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