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Eating & Designing
Marta Aymerich:
Eating & Designing
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Attractive graphic elements are key components in the success of products and businesses around the world. From the very subtle to the bold and daring, they play an increasing vital role in restaurants and cafes, where competition is fierce and creating ambience and mood is critical to set one establishment apart from others.
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Eating & Designing(1) Eating & Designing(2) Eating & Designing(3)
Eating & Designing shares successful and innovative use of strategic design elements in everything from signs, menus, tableware, logos and name cards to uniforms, and interior design — showcasing ways in which appealing graphics, attention to detail and function in design can be used to transcend the ordinary and create a unique experience for the patron.

370 pages, Hardcover, 9 3/4'' x 11 1/4'' (250 x 285 mm)
296 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-84-96309-87-6  $ 49.95
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