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Contemporary Jewelry Art: Innovative Materials NEW TITLE
CYPI Press:
Contemporary Jewelry Art
Innovative Materials
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Contemporary Jewelry Art presents the work of more than forty of the best and brightest young jewelry designers around the world. Their work is not about luxury or even permanence. Rather, the works within focus on the most creative use of common, inexpensive materials.
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Contemporary Jewelry Art: Innovative Materials (1) Contemporary Jewelry Art: Innovative Materials (3) Contemporary Jewelry Art: Innovative Materials (2)
Contemporary Jewelry Art: Innovative Materials (5) Contemporary Jewelry Art: Innovative Materials (6) Contemporary Jewelry Art: Innovative Materials (4)
The book is organized according to the materials used, including metal, ceramics, stone, wood, fur, textiles, plastic, soap, and rubber. The aesthetic of each piece, whether simple or sculpturally intricate, balances the designer’s unique perspective with the constraints and possibilities of each medium — from the elasticity of plastic to the solid weight of stone, silver, and iron.

Interviews with each designer illuminating the concept and creative work process renders this book a useful guide for everyone from the established jewelry designer to the independent crafter hoping to break into the industry.

Designers featured include Hanna Hedman, Helfried Kodré, Mari Ishikawa, Iris Bodemer, Karl Fritsch, Marina Messone, Annika Pettersson, Maria Cristina Bellucci, Mirla Fernandes, and Timothy McMahon.

256 pages, Paperback, 8 1/4'' x 10 1/4'' (210 x 260 mm)
700 color illustrations, English

ISBN: 978-1-908175-04-5  $ 35.00
Contributors from A–Z:
Alidra Alic
Ana Hagopian
Annika Pettersson
Anthur Hash
Barbara Uderzo
Bernhard Stimpfl-bele
Bety K. Majernikova
Claire Lavendhomme
Denise Julia Reyta
Felieke van der Leest
Hanna Hedman
Helfried Kodré
Iris Bodemer
Jillian Moore
Joanna Haywood
Julia deVille
Karl Fritsch
Kelly McCallum
Marcus Marguillier
Mari Ishikawa
Maria Cristina Bellucci
Marina Massone
Marina Massone
Marta Mattsson
Mimi Moscow
Mirla Fernandes
Petra Zimmerman
Reka Lroincz
Rinaldo Alvarez
Shari Pierce
Silke Fleischer
Tanel Veenre
Timothy McMahon
Walka Studio
Zoe Robertson
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