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Black Ink: Illustrations by Ata «TOAST» Bozaci
Ata Bozaci:
Black Ink
Illustrations by Ata «TOAST» Bozaci
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Known as “TOAST” in graffiti circles and “Atalier” in graphic design circles, Ata Bozaci is recognized as an artist, draftsman, illustrator, and graffiti artist. This Swiss-based dynamo is also known as one of the pioneers of three dimensional graffiti art. The link between these different artistic or design modes is a pictorial language that is based on the reduction of images and ideas to the essential — black ink on white surfaces.
Black Ink: Illustrations by Ata «TOAST» Bozaci(1) Black Ink: Illustrations by Ata «TOAST» Bozaci(2)
Black Ink: Illustrations by Ata «TOAST» Bozaci (3) Black Ink: Illustrations by Ata «TOAST» Bozaci(4)
In order to preserve the character of his work and to create an object that is more than just a direct documentation of his work, the book was constructed with paper stock similar to that of his sketchbooks and all of his work printed exclusively using black ink on white paper.

The book is organized into three main organizing chapters: Graffiti, Sketches, and Illustrations. Graffiti focuses on Styles & Characters, 3-D Styles and Living Letters, Sketches is divided into the categories Animals and People and the last section, Illustrations is devoted to Portraits and the commercial “Grafics” work that appears under the label Atalier.

240 pages, Hardcover, 9 1/2'' x 12'' (241 x 305 mm)
1,000 illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-294-0 $ 39.95
About the Artist:
Ata Bozaci, aka TOAST
Ata Bozaci, aka TOAST
TOAST is a prominent graffiti artist who widely influenced the in­ter­na­tion­al graffiti writing-scene with his unique style. He is also founder and co-owner of the enter­tainment media corporation «Atalier» in Bern, Switzer­land.

Visual phenomenon, renowned de­sign­er, rebellious spirit and an endowed multi talent — the works by Ata Bozaci are as diverse as the person himself. His current work demonstrates cour­age to futuristic forms, an exceptional feeling for ab­strac­tion and great sense for functionality. These qualities stem from the source of graffiti art and are also apparent in the private apartment of Gunter Sachs inside the legendary castle at Lake Wörth, which he recently redesigned.

After numerous publications in design books and magazines, Ata Bozaci now grants insight into the creative process with his book Black Ink.

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