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Black & White Graphics
Andrea Lugli:
Black & White Graphics
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Black and white are not colors, but a philosophy. In the words of designer Fons Hickman “There is nothing more multifaceted than black and white, the rest is merely colorful.” And a list of contemporary designers gives credence to this statement with visuals that powerfully portray the tension of figure versus ground.
Black & White Graphics(1)
Why would a designer chose to limit her pallette to one color? Designers and firms such as Jennifer Sterling, Ed Fella, Stefan Sagmeister, Plazm, Tomato, Planet Pixel and Shepard Fairey answer this question with explosive results.

A diverse selection of works including Dean Karr’s dark and disturbing art direction and photography for Marilyn Manson, Stephen Farrell’s beautifully conceived book design and the graphic novel stylings of Benjamin Güdel boldly illustrate the power of black and white.

224 pages, Paperback, 8 3/4'' x 11'' (225 x 280 mm)
210 black & white illustrations, English
ISBN-13: 978-1-58423-149-3 
ISBN-10: 1-58423-149-1
  $ 35.00
Contributors from A–Z:
Andrea Lugli
Benjamin Güdel
Dean Karr
Dirk Rudolph
Ed Fella
Gail Swanlund
Jennifer Sterling
Marilyn Manson
Markus Burlile
Roberto Bagatti
Rudy VanderLans
Planet Pixel
Shepard Fairey
Stefan Sagmeister
Stephen Farrell
Urs Althaus
Why Not Associates
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Black Ink: Illustrations by Ata «TOAST» Bozaci
Black Ink: Ata «TOAST» Bozaci
Known as "TOAST" in graffiti circles and "Atalier" in graphic design circles, Ata Bozaci is recognized as an artist, draftsman, illustrator, and graffiti artist. This Swiss-based dynamo is also known as one of the pioneers of three di­men­sion­al graffiti art. more...

Herbert Baglione: Vossia
Herbert Baglione: Vossia
The heart of Baglione's work is formed by his relationship to emotional mat­ters such as death, human coldness, family, the world and the work of other artists and his strong desire to retain his sense of wonderment as it pertains to the world around. more...
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