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GINGKO PRESS — The official Publisher of Marshall McLuhan — is preparing new critical works and reprints of Marshall McLuhan’s writings.
Marshall McLuhan
Marshall McLuhan
Marshall McLuhan Media Workbook NEW TITLE
Marshall McLuhan,
with an Introduction by Philip Marchand:
Marshall McLuhan Media Workbook
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How do new tools and inventions affect societies? This question, which has become very topical in the face of a worldwide information explosion, was the perennial concern of Marshall McLuhan’s career. Typically, he wanted to know the yet unseen ramifications of new technologies. The indirect consequences, the altering of our general environment, and consequently of our self-image in the society. His purpose was to understand media in their sociological, cultural and psychological impact.
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To this end, he developed the Tetrad technique, which explores collateral effects of any technology. The Tetrad asks four questions about any human invention, or artefact, whether it be physical object or system of thought. These questions are designed to underscore the possible effects of these inventions.

  What does the invention extend or amplify? What is its initial purpose?
  What invention or environment will it do away with or obsolesce?
  What older technology or environment will be retrieved from the past?
  What will the invention or tool or idea become when pushed to its limits?

Philip Marchand’s introductory essay begins with the account of one such artefact, the cell phone, and explains how the series of four questions applies to it. The essay further explains the origins of the tetrad in McLuhan’s thought, and how it came to be developed as a sophisticated technique of understanding technology.

The Marshall McLuhan Media Workbook is a source for daily workouts in thinking like McLuhan. The idea is to become media savvy. Philip Marchand is the author of Marshall McLuhan: The Medium and the Messenger.

128 pages, Hardcover, 6'' x 8'' (152 x203 mm)
95 illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-455-5  $ 24.95
About the Author:
Marshall McLuhan
One of the most controversial and original thinkers of our time, McLuhan is universally regarded as the father of communications and media studies.

But he is far more than that. A cha­ris­matic figure, whose remarkable per­ception propelled him onto the inter­national stage, McLuhan became the prophet of the new information age.

In his own time he drew both ac­col­ades and criticism for his intuitive vision, his steady stream of thought-provoking metaphors, and fast-for­ward glimpses into a world where software would eclipse hardware and the power of mass media would eclipse the power of government. The information superhighway fulfilled his perceptive observation that the world would ultimately become a "global village."

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